Liquid Force WOW v4


The WOW v4, with a complete redesign, offers wave seekers and strapless surf freestylers a kite with effortless flying characteristics. This kite lets you focus on pulling the next move, making unmakeable sections, and placing yourself perfectly in the pocket.


The 10 meter WOW v4 is such a perfect kite in my quiver.  I can foil with this kite in 8 knots up to 15 knots; 15 to 25 knots is perfect riding my surfboard, and I love pulling it out when it is 18 knots or more for a boost and loop session!!  The kite gets around in the loop much faster and with less pull making for less extreme of a loop.  you fall less or have less of that swinging effect after you loop the kite which gives you more margin to have the kite catch you and make the landing.  With the NV you need to get almost 5 feet higher to make sure the kite can catch you on a loop but with the WOW on a 15 foot jump you can loop the kite and still expect it to catch you before you hit the water.  It is definitely less of that extreme drop and swing under the kite "megaloop effect" you get from a more c shaped kite.  You definitely want to make sure you are on your a game with kite control when boosting though.  You need good kite control when boosting with this kite.  If you accidentally pull the bar when jumping and spinning it turns so fast that it can get away from you pretty quick.


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