Liquid Force Solo [v3] Kite

$850.00 Regular Price
$399.99Sale Price

Refined and evolved encompass the versatility of the Solo V3. A new leading edge to trailing edge canopy profile highlights the fine tuned changes in the Solo V3 that brings maturity to the kite. This profile design improvement reduces flutter in the critical areas of the wingtip, increases stability in gusty wind conditions and creates an instant, engaged, power delivery upon sheeting in and smooth controlled de-power when sheeting out. The single strut platform, mid range aspect ratio, and progressive leading edge arc moves the flying position slightly forward in the wind window offering superior low end power making the kite a natural choice for lighter wind specialists and dynamic freeriding hydrofoil riders.


"The 15.5 and 17.5 meter versions of these kites are light wind beasts.  The 12 meter and 15.5 meter versions are also great for super light wind foiling!!  Like 5 or 6 knots up to 10 knots!!  What makes this kite so good in all the sizes is how stable it is overhead.  It is by far the most stable kite liquid force makes.  It doesn't backstall,  It doesn't fly too far forward in the window and hindenburg, It turns fast but not overly fast like the WOW can be.  It is just a super stable predictable kite.  The relaunch on this kite is very very easy as well.  Make sure to not go out on this kite way overpowered as it does not do as great on the very top end of the range.  It does well depowering when no trim is pulled but if you have the trim strap pulled in 6 inches and then push the bar out the kite is going to flap a ton and it will drop deeper into the window because of all the flapping."


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