Liquid Force P1 Kite

$1,050.00 Regular Price
$840.00Sale Price

Whiteboard designed and engineered from concept to creation the P1 breaks the Liquid Force design paradigm. The Liquid Force R&D team stepped out of the box when setting out to create a kite that encompasses a new feel and performance parameters. Enlisting collaboration with veteran kite designer Simone Vannucci, has given light to a freestyle/freeriding kite that is versatile in nature, easy and predictable in all wind conditions and offers confidence-inspiring performance for lofty hang time and freestyle finesse.

Who is the P1 for? A kiteboarder looking for the ultimate kite that offers an efficient, on demand, easy to use, power band that is perfect for pure freeriding, performance hooked freestyle and massive big air!


"The P1 is an amazing freeride kite. Since I've started riding it, I have been jumping at least 10' higher than before. My kite of choice used to be the WOW but the P1 takes it to another level!"

- Rick


"The P1 is a sick kite.  Although I primarily ride the NV I still pull out a 9 meter P1 when it is 25 knots and I want to go huuuuge!!  40 feet up.... Yes please.  The P1 also has better low end wind range and goes upwind easier.  If I could only own 1 kite (I have 5 in my quiver) it would be a 14 meter P1.  9 knots to 24 knots on the very top end.... this kite still performs well when you have the trim line pulled a foot and you are waaaay over powered."


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