Liquid Force NV


Redesigned with purpose. The NV Version 9 is just not a new color way or slight change that has no impact on the performance of the kite. Liquid Force looked at the ways in which the NV has excelled over the past 8 years and then took into consideration what they wanted the kite to do beyond any expectations. No doubt the NV is synonymous with stability and dependability in all conditions and styles of riding. Not only does the new NV V9 embrace its heritage but it now will set a new standard in freestyle kites. 


The new NV has become my go to kite.  It makes you a better kiter.  It rewards pop almost as much as a C kite!!  The harder you pop or jump of the water the higher you will go!!  No matter how high you go once you reach the height of your jump after sending and popping you come back down to the water in a very predictable fashion.  The NV is not a "floaty" kite.  The big float of the P1 can be fun when you are going huuuge but when learning and dialing in tricks with rotation you will be more comfortable and progress soooo much faster with the NV.



"I'm really impressed with the new NV. It has such a smooth consistent pull. I usually prefer a kite with more depower and sheet in and go power but the the NV is really smooth and comfortable to ride."


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