Liquid Force Libre Board


Free yourself from the light wind doldrums! If you think about kiting at the first sign of the leaves rustling on their branches, the slight flutter of a flag or the hint of breeze at your local sensor the Libre will make your ambition of being the first on the water, or the only one kiting when the wind is simply, well…not windy! The engineering of the board is everything light wind. From the low entry rocker, to the soft manipula- tive flex, enhanced by an efficient side cut shape, will get you on the water faster and more often. Light wind specific features such as an offset stance and shallow bottom concave round out this ultra-light weight gliding machine.


"Here on the Great Lakes we get a lot of light wind days. Pair the Libre with a 17.5 Solo and you can get out riding in insanely light wind!"

- Rick

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